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KLM In App Innovation – A/R bag size check

#KLM airline innovates on their ChatBot using Augmented Reality. Travelers can check baggage size, avoid problems at airport checkin.

KLM offers some additional, entertaining AR goodies via App.

Read the full article here:

KLM Packs AR Suitcase into iPhone App to Help Passengers Check Luggage

See how it works – video below

Accor Hotels brings AfroFuturism to Forefront


Accor Hotels is redefining web approach with #MyChicAfrica, a glorious web magazine/immersive experience focused on culture, creativity, afro-innovation,  well suited to travel nomads’ desires for discovery.

A visual celebration of the multi-cultural, multi-layered, authentic (read less Western influenced) view of fashion, adventure, architecture, arts, music + more.


An opportunity to discover destinations and locations that have been under the radar, jump in to #MyChicAfrica – you will be thrilled with new ideas.  Go to My Chic Africa site

Bravo Accor Hotels team, you have taken content + travel dreaming to a new level.


#mychicafrica; #mychicdiscovery; #mychicshopping; #mychicexperience; #mychicinfluence 

Stasher – Hotel Jumpstart Winner

Congratulations to start-up Stasher – winner of Hotel Jumpstart accelerator contest.

Brilliant concept = Luggage Storage. Everywhere.

While hotels usually store guests’ luggage, Stasher has expanded to include AirBnB hosts.   This solves the thorny problem of keeping guests happy yet being able to schedule cleaning for the next check in.


Gentle pricing, a variety of in-destination storage locations, revenue sharing partnerships + solving travelers’ real world problem are some of the elements of Stasher’s winning formula.

Hotel Jumpstart, a collaboration between Expedia Partner Network and, selects and cultivates innovative new businesses – with distinct hospitality flavor.

A brief video below – link to full Tnooz article.

AliceApp Smartwatchs for #Hotel staff – instant guest service

AliceApp + Samsung launch a Smartwatch to enable on-the-move hotel staff delivery of exceptional service to on-the-go guests.

aliceapp smartwatch

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and hotel operations platform ALICE today announced a new hotel management solution that uses smartwatches to improve staff communications, speed responsiveness to guests, and enhance customer service.
For example, when a guest request or urgent need arises (such as towel delivery or luggage pickup), hotel employees will receive silent vibration alerts via the smartwatch. The appropriate employee can respond to and accept the task with a tap of the smartwatch, informing other staff that someone is attending to the guest. 
Read full article on AlicePlatform blog;
#hotel smartwatch; hotel mobile guest service; @aliceplatform

Hotels as Social Hubs – Innovation Ideas from Lounge Up

Travelers’ expectations have evolved – think ‘socialization‘. Create lively, authentic experiences to attract not only your hotel guests but locals + visitors too!.

Local Tourist recommendations are no longer enough.

Super how-tos (in French) for hoteliers from Lounge Up Blog

Sample actions:

  • Display + promote local artisans + creators
  • Think of lobby/public space as activity zones – planned events
  • Create co-working space (hint – look at how overcrowded Starbucks is)
  • Launch a collaborative activities app – example MMV by Lounge Up
Hotel as Social Hubs

A hotel as Social Hub

Read the Lounge Up blog post – L’Importance du Social dans L’Experience Client

#hotels #hoteliers #socialization #social hub #loungeup

#lisbon #websummit – we will post #frenchtech news

#WebSummit 2017 Lisbon is truly a city-wide event… and #lafrenchtech is here!!

We will follow their activities + post ideas and innovations.

Meanwhile – bravo to local + WebSummit organization!!

  • Smooth, easy conference checkin at the airport.
  • An army of friendly, young volunteers
  • #websummit stickers on all Metro direction signs, letting you know where to get off – very helpful
  • Metro maps printed with correct stop indicated
#websummit 2017 Liz Craig   #lisbon

Cool idea
 – Instgramable spots in central tourists areas – lots of WebSummiters took advantage!!

#websummit – #lisbon Barrio Alto – great for Instagram


Looking forward to brainfood + innovations to publish in ; is here, Hilton is here, Trivago, I have my ticket … going to #frenchtech side event!!
Startup pitches in hospitality = most interesting.
#websummit; #frenchtech; #AWS;
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TooGoodToGo – #Anti-Food Waste Innovator

#foodwaste fight TGTG

#foodwaste fight TGTG

Too Good to Go – Eat Well – Save Money – Save the Planet
Reduce #foodwaste action!!
Excellent, imaginatively presented interview (in French) with @LucieBasch, 25 year old founder of Too Good To Go France. App based food ordering system is a win-win-win:

  • Consumers – save money, time + eat well
  • Providers (restaurants, bakeries, food stores + chains) – realize some revenue vs. 0
  • Society – better planet, good for our souls

Link to Twitter Video here

Too Good to GO France

Too Good to GO France

Innovative concept, innovative business model, innovative generation of thinkers.  True @changemakers

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Metro TechStars Hospitality Accelerator 2017

Only the most promising hospitality #startups are selected to participate in Metro Techstars accelerator program … and the chosen 10 companies have just been announced.


Among the selected startups:

  • Blendbow – enabling high volume restaurants and bars ‘clickable’ quality cocktail creations + cost controls.
  • Concierge by – AI driven #chatbot guest communication
  • Guest U – mobile phone, with own app, as guest amenity – free internet + voice calls
  • nabl – highspeed guest/customer feedback collection via mobile phone

6 more amazing startups + reviews in future posts.

Read full article – MetroTechstars Hospitality Accelerator Class 2017

#startups, #hospitality, #digital innovation, #metrotechstars

#AI – Hotel Guest Service

Victor & Charles lead the way in hyper-personalization for delighting #hotel guests … predictive analytics… absolutely cutting edge!
A Paris #startup, analyzes public information (social networks, web content, …), socio-cultural and behavioral to provide relevant information to hoteliers seeking to reach the next level of guest service.
Corentin Combalbert, Hospitality Executive Services, recently met with the team to evaluate the impact of a ‘360 guest view’ on future pre-demand guest services.  He also had quite the experience with Victor & Charles chatbot – all positive!!
Inside scoop from meeting linked in Futuremakers Blog
Full website linked below

La Wine Tech – Wines Plus – Discovery Innovator

Innovative discovery platform for all things wine related

La Wine Tech is a French #startup with a global reach.  A creative and well curated collection of a wide variety of wine related startups.

In fact, a startup of startups – a first for the wine world.

B2C, La Wine Tech concept capitalizes on mobile, apps + social to connect people to new ways to discover, consume + appreciate wines.  B2C, showcases innovations to progress wineries and wine related businesses.

Industry Innovation Impact:

  • Hospitality, Wine Distribution, Retail Sales,
  • Small, select producers can compete with large wine distributors
  • Digital Marketing expertise for wineries and vignerons

Sampling of Start Ups under the La Wine Tech umbrella – a wide range of interests and approaches:

  • GeoVina – app guide to Oenotourism – focus south of France
  • Vinocromie – an inventive mix of art, wine + select locations – gatherings
  • Avenue des Vins – an interactive marketplace to purchase wine direct from the producer
  • Caveasy – the connected cave, for personal wine management
  • Vinexplore – GPS driven app, enabling discovery of wine tastings + vineyards in your proximity

These are but a few of the new + noteworthy….La Wine Tech is an eyeopener for those connected, curious and admirers of wine.

Submitted by Liz Craig

#lawinetech, #startups,#wine





Innovative #startup Exchange – London + Paris

Paris & Co , a leading international innovation eco-system, together with the Mayor of London and Mayor of Paris has announced ‘City to City Business Welcome Programme’.

An outstanding collaboration to generate international startup exchanges seeking financing and trade between the 2 capitals:

The agreement will, for the first time, jointly showcase London and Paris to overseas visitors, while a new initiative called the City-to-City Business Welcome Programme will encourage and facilitate the flow of trade and investment between the two cities.

paris london business welcome

The City-to-City Business Welcome programme will include

  • assistance with company set-up,
  • access to co-working space,
  • introduction to the local tech ecosystem and networking, and
  • discounted accommodation.
  • Eurostar will also provide entrepreneurs with preferential rates on their services.

The full presentation PDF is here.

Further, the programme is also designed to jointly promote tourism for both destinations, attracting a greater flow of international visitors.

Bottom line = a co-commitment to grow jobs, economy, innovative new enterprises…and tourism!!

Read the full article from Paris & Co 

#startups #tourism #paris #london

Les Cuistots Migrateurs – Culture + Cuisine

Les Cuistots Migrateurs: Kill two birds with one stone?
Better still, why not come up with two great ideas in one innovative start-up?

Les Cuistots Migrateurs


Hospitality, Restauration, Foodtech, Lifestyle.

Benefits of the concept include a different perspective on migrants ; from « international problem » to « cultural culinary exchange » ; providers of French wholesale food industry as well as importers of exotic herbs and spices. The services benefit office-bound Parisians as well as those wanting to have an unusual homecooked meal on the table when their neighborhood provides few innovative choices

o The added feature is humanitarian : providing work for immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down and whose skills have been underutilized. What better way to integrate into a new culture and country than via the hospitality of offering a regional specialty to share at the dinner table ?

o Les Cuistots Migrateurs could be used in hospitality as an alternate choice to the expense of running an in situ restaurant whilst providing hotel guests with a variety of unusual lunch and dinner choices delivered directly to the hotel

Innovation Brief 

o Les cuistots migrateurs are certainly a welcome innovation in France today, offering a unique solution to integrating refugees to the French way of life by providing careers. As the New York Times wrote: « Les Cuistots Migrateurs is a bold new venture created by two intrepid French entrepreneurs who are trying to change the way Parisians view immigrants by introducing the French to the best of the newcomers’ home cuisines. »

  • Key points
      • New employment provider
      • Helping lessen the pain and disorientation of refugees of war and economic hardships
      • Provision of a wider choice and delivery method for authentic cuisines little known in France

Read full article about Les Cuistots Migrateurs

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Welcome City Labs selects 13 new #Paris #startups

Welcome City Labs, a premier network of incubators and accelerators dedicated to hospitality and tourism, announced the selection of 13 new #startups for participation.

Using ITB Berlin worldwide tradeshow to present the winners, Welcome City Labs selected from 120 candidates.

Infographic visually expresses the range of candidate submitted.

Welcome City Labs Startups

Winning startups will gain the support of Welcome City Lab’s ecosystem designed to nurture each concept to a successful business.

List of selected startups – congratulations to all!

Blue Valet, Busjets, ClapnClip, CoChange, Fokusmap, Mon beau terroir, Intripid, Nannybag,       Student Pop, The bar corner, Tictactrip, Tracktl, Visitdata.

Full details (in French) Welcome City Labs Press Release.

Hospitality-Next will publish review of these innovative hospitality startups.




Interactive screen that can use contactless technology (from phones, cards, passports…) for informing the customer enabling them to make purchases.

Industry: Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants

  • Hotels can replace their reception with an interactive screen that enables check-in, payment and reservations, as well as provide information on the location. Retail and restaurants can provide an additional selling point.

“A unique value proposition that changes the customer’s journey”

Innovation: The screen doesn’t only interact with people, but with the person’s electronic devices, combining and streamlining informative and purchasing purposes, with little effort on the customer’s behalf.

  • Purposes: retrieving reservation via passports, identification, payments, browsing…
  • Highly adaptable and the possibilities are endless.



Eazeat – has launched


Application to find, reserve and order before walking into the restaurant, and leave paying through the app.

Industry: Restaurants

  • Restaurants can benefit by streamlining guest experience, and optimizing labor as servers won’t need to take the order or deal with payments
  • Can be used to boost F&B of hotels

« Book your table, order before arriving, and leave without paying! No more time or money hassles »

Innovation: uses existing technology all embedded in one app, which completely changes the restaurant experience, making it quicker and more efficient for the guest and the restaurateur.

  • Find and reserve a restaurant, as well as pre-order meal for set-time
  • Cashless/cardless payment through the app, with possibility to split bill
  • Gets rid of waiting to order, waiting to receive and waiting to pay times for the guest





A conversational commerce platform that creates contact points throughout the website by predicting customer behavior, a chatbot and a possibility to put potential customers in touch with savvy enthusiasts for live chat

Industry: Retail & Hospitality

  • Hotels can benefit through tailored, personalized experience for potential guests, through automated and real chat.

« Predict and engage the best contact opportunities with authentic experts 24/7 and convert them into business value. »

Innovation: uses customer browsing behavior to send them useful information and takes advantage of brand ambassadors & influencers expertise to advise guests

  • Depending on what the customer clicks or does with their shopping basket, various predefined messages pop up in order to assist them through the process
  • A chatbot that responds to predefined questions
  • Ibbü: uses brand ambassador’s expertise (with financial compensation) for live chat with customers when they need authentic advice – available 24/7

Local Measure

Local Measure


Industry: Hospitality

Integratable, flexible CRM platform to integrate in hotel apps and websites

  • Local Measure enables efficient, specific and tailored communication to customers using and sorting their feedback from social media.
  • It is a great solution to simplify and drive a hotel’s draw to the customers through a proactive and engaging CRM strategy.

“A location-based social media monitoring & real-time engagement platform

  • Innovations: filtering social media posts to notify the right people to efficiently deal with customer experience, with one of the filters being location (via geolocation features).
  • Sorts positive/negative posts from social media and sends them to the right people to enable them to respond accordingly
  • Helps to find influential guests and engage with them to promote the brand
  • Segments audience to better target them, transcending language barriers
  • Can easily be integrated in all basic kinds of websites (WordPress, Blogger…)

AirMule – Ship with Trusted Travelers – AirBnB Style

Name of the StartUp = AirMule


Airmule takes a page from the collaborative commerce playbook!!

Why this service is amazing

  • Travelers with extra luggage space can earn income via carrying items, normally shipped
  • Shippers can save money, as AirMule travelers’ fees are less than the ‘big boys’
  • Items reach intended recipient faster, as travelers by-pass shipping logistics
  • Trusted travelers are TSA certified
  • Uber-style tracking via notifications

Innovation – Key Quote

Global Express Shipping with Trusted Travelers…Earn money selling your luggage space… Ship 2-3x faster for 75% less.

Winner – 2016 Phocuswright Battleground

Vayable, travel the world in a new way




  • Industry

Travel – Tourism

  • Inovation brief – key quote

Unknown destination with a total stranger

Easy to usevayable-card-blue

Dynamic platform

Good tips

Find a new experience

Nothing you will see a guidebook or traditional way to travel


  • Accelerator





Nom de la startup : Nannybag








Pourquoi c’est une innovation?

• Bagagerie
• Bien organiser
• Présente partout en Europe
• Sécuriser
• Prix raisonnable
• Disponible en boutique indépendante mais aussi dans les hôtels
• Plusieurs partenariats avec des hôtels
• Assurance incluse pour chaque bagage
• Contrat multirisques contre le vol, la casse et la perte

Accélérateur: 1001 Startup


To Good To Go

To Good to Go


Industry: Restaurant/Food industry


People with limited income seeking a quality meal (students/retirees).

Restaurants/Food shops wanting to promote a greener and more socially responsible image.

Good for hotels: breakfast buffets throw out 30% of their food, this enables them to reduce their carbon footprint by helping people in need.  


  • Uses existing technology to create a win-win situation between people and businesses who otherwise wouldn’t interact, solving the serious problem of food waste.
  • Payment is done through the app, through which the customer receives proof of purchase which they must show upon pick-up of meal.
  • All participating restaurants are visible via geolocalization feature on app
  • Meals cost customer around 3€, and the restaurant pays a low flat-fee per order.

Read more »

Who is Georges?

Une innovation qui vous permettra enfin de ne plus vous poser la question de qui est qui lors d’un séminaire. Cette start up vous propose un dispositif qui reconnaît les personnes assistant au séminaire avec vous afin de vous donner toutes les informations nécessaires sur eux.


Que fait « Who is Georges »

    • Innovation dans l’univers des rendez –vous professionnels
    • Accéder via votre Smartphone aux Georges autour de vous
    • Facile à utiliser
    • Vous donne le nom de la personne, mais aussi ces informations personnel, professionnel
    • Donne des informations personnelles, pour entamer un sujet de conversation
    • Vous pouvez mettre des notes sur le profil de la personne
    • Connecte les profils des Georges autour de vous


Valeur ajoutée de « Who is Georges »

    • Optimise le temps
    • Permet de rencontrer les personnes pertinents pour développer notre business et notre réseau relationnel
    • Permet d’améliorer la qualité et l’efficacité du networking
    • Une solution unique et innova tante pour permet d’engager 100% des participants
    • Un matchmaking performant ciblant les personnes à rencontrer
    • Un design haut de gamme qui valorise l’événement
    • Une fonction possible en mode connecté ou déconnecté, c’est à dire sans accuse au réseau mobile WIFI

Umapped, a new way to travel



  • Industry: Travel
  • Innovation brief – key quote
  • Plan every itenery on one platform with collaborators
  • Works with TO, hotels, resorts
  • Mobile only
  • Offers a different experience to customers : cosolidate on one platform booking confirmation, messaging.








“Un image vaut mieux qu’un long discourt”

    • Il est facile de communiquer
    • Pas de contresens possible (due aux images)
    • Il est possible de dessiner également
    • Fonctionne sans internet
    • Seulement 2,99€ pour l’application
    • Application disponible sur AppStore et Android.


Cheerfy – recognize, delight guests

Cheerfy app – treat every restaurant guests like a regular!!

  • App integrated with property wifi – once guests log into your wifi, they are recognized and you are in contact with their preferences


    Take personalized service to the next level

    View Video

  • Log In triggers ‘recognition’ greeting – ability to push personalized offers
  • CRM elements – emailings + follow up
  • Tracks visit + enegagement activity + CRM analytics

Accelerator – MetroTechStars          @MetroAccel

Hijiffy, New concierge for hospitality



  • Industry
    • Hospitality
  • Innovation Brief – key quote
    • Bot messaging for hotels
    • Great number of features : booking, hotel services, multilingual
    • Concierge for business
    • Accessible price
    • Easy to use
    • Integrated true hotel’s Facebook page

Accelerator : Metro Techstars



Name of the start up: Hoardspsot


Industry: Key keepers – Easily sharable

“Share easily”

  • The startup is active on Facebook and Twitter
  • It could be very useful for Airbnb
  • It is easy to use
  • The concept is simple
  • It only cost 3 euros
  • It is safe for the owner
  • It has only 3 steps to follow
  • Available on App store and Google Play

Accelerator : Metro Techstars

Smunch, another way to eat at the office !



  • Industry

Restauration F&B

  • Innovation Brief – key quote

Smunch a virtual cafeteria for companies and co-working spaces managed by the company for the employees

Fun slogan : even the weirdo of the office will love

New restaurant every day/ for everyone (vegan etc)

Dynamic platform : easy to use

CRM element : email , sign up , no engagement

Innovation Center @CMH – #startups + Gamechangers

These are exciting times for travel, hospitality, F&B.  The velocity of innovation to attract, satisfy, delight and even dazzle today’s mobile empowered customer is amazing.

CMH International Hospitality School has launched this Innovation Center to highlight companies and initiatives that positively impact our industry.

There are many sources of innovation from Marriott’s user ideas competition – Travel Brilliantly – to Paris & Co. WelcomeCityLab to Ycombinator – a global powerhouse funding early stage startup.

Innovation is the only way to win.   Steve Jobs


Hospitality-Next team will follow accelerators that serve our industry + cutting edge innovators – some examples:

Just to name a few – take a look at the Innovators section + see more.

If you enjoy this fast paced business + want to know now what is next – sign up for email briefs + come back here often.




Pretty Streets

Quelles sont les plus belles rues de Paris? Amsterdam? Barcelone? Berlin?
Comment me rendre au Parisis en passant par les rues les plus typiques des environs.
L’application Pretty Streets vous aide à faire cela.
Simple à utiliser et disponible sur iPhone, Smartphone et montre connectée vous n’avez plus d’excuse

L’application prend en considération le temps que vous avez, vos centres d’intérêt et à partir de là, pretty streets vous donnent le plus beau chemin à prendre!

Alors profitez-en et dite nous ce que vous en avez pensé 🙂

Accélérateur: 1001 startup


Marriott Hotels Europe – Digital Innovation Accelerator Programme = important to successful Hospitality innovation

The accelerator programme was created to identify + support industry changing platforms, innovations from outside the extensive Marriott system.

Read more »

F&B, Hospitality innovation in digital times, success is fueled by external support – MetroTechstars is a powerhouse for start ups.

“The METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars is a highly selective mentorship program for digital and technology startups across the entire value chain of hospitality and food tech.”

Read more »

Welcome to CMH Innovation Center

Here we share cutting edge startups, companies and concepts on target to impact the hospitality industry - guests + operations.
Curator - Liz Craig - CMH Digital Projects

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