Think&Go Interactive screen that can use contactless technology (from phones, cards, passports…) for informing the customer enabling them to make purchases. Industry: Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants Hotels can replace their reception with an interactive screen that enables check-in, payment and reservations, as well as provide information on the location. Retail and restaurants can provide an additional […]

Local Measure

Local Measure Industry: Hospitality Integratable, flexible CRM platform to integrate in hotel apps and websites Local Measure enables efficient, specific and tailored communication to customers using and sorting their feedback from social media. It is a great solution to simplify and drive a hotel’s draw to the customers through a proactive and engaging CRM strategy. […]


  Nom de l’entreprise: Samesame  “Un image vaut mieux qu’un long discourt” Il est facile de communiquer Pas de contresens possible (due aux images) Il est possible de dessiner également Fonctionne sans internet Seulement 2,99€ pour l’application Application disponible sur AppStore et Android. Accelerator :