Accor Hotels brings AfroFuturism to Forefront

Accor Hotels is redefining web approach with #MyChicAfrica, a glorious web magazine/immersive experience focused on culture, creativity, afro-innovation,  well suited to travel nomads’ desires for discovery. A visual celebration of the multi-cultural, multi-layered, authentic (read less Western influenced) view of fashion, adventure, architecture, arts, music + more. An opportunity to discover destinations and locations that […]

Stasher – Hotel Jumpstart Winner

Congratulations to start-up Stasher – winner of Hotel Jumpstart accelerator contest. Brilliant concept = Luggage Storage. Everywhere. While hotels usually store guests’ luggage, Stasher has expanded to include AirBnB hosts.   This solves the thorny problem of keeping guests happy yet being able to schedule cleaning for the next check in. Gentle pricing, a variety of […]

Hotels as Social Hubs – Innovation Ideas from Lounge Up

Travelers’ expectations have evolved – think ‘socialization‘. Create lively, authentic experiences to attract not only your hotel guests but locals + visitors too!. Local Tourist recommendations are no longer enough. Super how-tos (in French) for hoteliers from Lounge Up Blog Sample actions: Display + promote local artisans + creators Think of lobby/public space as activity zones – planned […]

#lisbon #websummit – we will post #frenchtech news

#WebSummit 2017 Lisbon is truly a city-wide event… and #lafrenchtech is here!! We will follow their activities + post ideas and innovations. Meanwhile – bravo to local + WebSummit organization!! Smooth, easy conference checkin at the airport. An army of friendly, young volunteers #websummit stickers on all Metro direction signs, letting you know where to get off […]

TooGoodToGo – #Anti-Food Waste Innovator

Too Good to Go – Eat Well – Save Money – Save the Planet Reduce #foodwaste action!!   Excellent, imaginatively presented interview (in French) with @LucieBasch, 25 year old founder of Too Good To Go France. App based food ordering system is a win-win-win: Consumers – save money, time + eat well Providers (restaurants, bakeries, food stores + chains) […]

Metro TechStars Hospitality Accelerator 2017

Only the most promising hospitality #startups are selected to participate in Metro Techstars accelerator program … and the chosen 10 companies have just been announced. Among the selected startups: Blendbow – enabling high volume restaurants and bars ‘clickable’ quality cocktail creations + cost controls. Concierge by – AI driven #chatbot guest communication Guest U […]

#AI – Hotel Guest Service

Victor & Charles lead the way in hyper-personalization for delighting #hotel guests … predictive analytics… absolutely cutting edge! A Paris #startup, analyzes public information (social networks, web content, …), socio-cultural and behavioral to provide relevant information to hoteliers seeking to reach the next level of guest service. Corentin Combalbert, Hospitality Executive Services, recently met with the […]

La Wine Tech – Wines Plus – Discovery Innovator

La Wine Tech is a French #startup with a global reach.  A creative and well curated collection of a wide variety of wine related startups. In fact, a startup of startups – a first for the wine world. B2C, La Wine Tech concept capitalizes on mobile, apps + social to connect people to new ways to […]

Innovative #startup Exchange – London + Paris

Paris & Co , a leading international innovation eco-system, together with the Mayor of London and Mayor of Paris has announced ‘City to City Business Welcome Programme’. An outstanding collaboration to generate international startup exchanges seeking financing and trade between the 2 capitals: The agreement will, for the first time, jointly showcase London and Paris to […]


Think&Go Interactive screen that can use contactless technology (from phones, cards, passports…) for informing the customer enabling them to make purchases. Industry: Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants Hotels can replace their reception with an interactive screen that enables check-in, payment and reservations, as well as provide information on the location. Retail and restaurants can provide an additional […]


iAdvize A conversational commerce platform that creates contact points throughout the website by predicting customer behavior, a chatbot and a possibility to put potential customers in touch with savvy enthusiasts for live chat Industry: Retail & Hospitality Hotels can benefit through tailored, personalized experience for potential guests, through automated and real chat. « Predict and engage […]

Local Measure

Local Measure Industry: Hospitality Integratable, flexible CRM platform to integrate in hotel apps and websites Local Measure enables efficient, specific and tailored communication to customers using and sorting their feedback from social media. It is a great solution to simplify and drive a hotel’s draw to the customers through a proactive and engaging CRM strategy. […]

AirMule – Ship with Trusted Travelers – AirBnB Style

Name of the StartUp = AirMule Airmule takes a page from the collaborative commerce playbook!! Why this service is amazing Travelers with extra luggage space can earn income via carrying items, normally shipped Shippers can save money, as AirMule travelers’ fees are less than the ‘big boys’ Items reach intended recipient faster, as travelers by-pass […]

To Good To Go

To Good to Go Industry: Restaurant/Food industry Benefits: People with limited income seeking a quality meal (students/retirees). Restaurants/Food shops wanting to promote a greener and more socially responsible image. Good for hotels: breakfast buffets throw out 30% of their food, this enables them to reduce their carbon footprint by helping people in need.   “EAT WELL. SAVE MONEY. […]

Who is Georges?

Nom de l’entreprise : Who is Georges?  Une innovation qui vous permettra enfin de ne plus vous poser la question de qui est qui lors d’un séminaire. Cette start up vous propose un dispositif qui reconnaît les personnes assistant au séminaire avec vous afin de vous donner toutes les informations nécessaires sur eux.   Que fait « Who […]

Innovation Center @CMH – #startups + Gamechangers

These are exciting times for travel, hospitality, F&B.  The velocity of innovation to attract, satisfy, delight and even dazzle today’s mobile empowered customer is amazing. CMH International Hospitality School has launched this Innovation Center to highlight companies and initiatives that positively impact our industry. There are many sources of innovation from Marriott’s user ideas competition […]