#HotelHackfest – Success! Winners’ RoadMaps for Local, Social + Sustainable

Winning ideas highlights:

  • #greenrevampers 3 minute showers timed by music – to save water; hotel furnishings from upcycled tires
  • Save it for Later  Hotel Booking engine that reduce rates as you check off what you don’t need – example – no need to change linens, make up room
  • The Hen Project raise chickens on the roof of a hotel; invite families and children help feed hens + gather eggs
  • Pachtounwalli Plant a garden to supply the restaurant and neighbors, invite people how-to gardening sessions

In addition to CMH Paris MBA students’ smart ideas, #Hackfest benefited from Stratgeic Advisors – real world experienced:

MS - CMH_HF_2018 (feb_10_zoomedout)

All the ideas are actionable and intended to help busy hoteliers go-green – go-local/social. 

We will distribute an e-book of all the presentations free to any interested persons – 

Links to each winning presentation – here, worth the visit!

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