A conversational commerce platform that creates contact points throughout the website by predicting customer behavior, a chatbot and a possibility to put potential customers in touch with savvy enthusiasts for live chat

Industry: Retail & Hospitality

  • Hotels can benefit through tailored, personalized experience for potential guests, through automated and real chat.

« Predict and engage the best contact opportunities with authentic experts 24/7 and convert them into business value. »

Innovation: uses customer browsing behavior to send them useful information and takes advantage of brand ambassadors & influencers expertise to advise guests

  • Depending on what the customer clicks or does with their shopping basket, various predefined messages pop up in order to assist them through the process
  • A chatbot that responds to predefined questions
  • Ibbü: uses brand ambassador’s expertise (with financial compensation) for live chat with customers when they need authentic advice – available 24/7